Cedar Key, Florida horse boarding and trail riding

As you leave Cedar Ridge Ranch, LLC and head for the Cedar Keys, a series of islands on the upper Gulf Coast of Florida just off the mainland, you're welcomed to rich Gulf waters reflecting blue skies as birds float over the marsh vista. Welcome to the Cedar Keys, a place where time stands still and allows you to enjoy the unique qualities of the North Florida coastal environment.

scenic Cedar Key, Florida on the Gulf Coast
For more information please visit the Cedar Key Guide
or the Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce.
The town of Cedar Key is a quiet island community nestled among many tiny keys connected by bridges on the Gulf Coast. Long admired for its natural beauty and abundant supply of seafood, it's a tranquil village, rich with the almost forgotten history of old Florida.

Cedar Key abounds with tidal creeks and salt marsh. The stargazing in the area will astound you, free from the light pollution of the big city. Cedar Ridge Ranch is only 6 miles from Cedar Key where there is an abundance of hotels, condos and restaurants, churches and art galleries. There are plenty of opportunities for boating, canoeing, kayaking and airboating. Cedar Key even has its own airport for small planes.